It is not that hard to make gold in WoW. By applying some basic gold-making strategies based on the gold economy of World of Warcraft, anyone can make cheap WoW gold quickly and easily without having to grind away for hours at a time.

I’m always amazed while reading other people’s posts on blogs and forums wherein they describe the thumb-breaking methods used to make a few gold coins in WoW. It involves endless grinding. After 8 hours of going through this tedious method you might end up having enough gold coin to pay off your bar bill.

I am not against grinding the occasional mob, but I do it only as part of a larger quest or for obtaining a particular item that I know would sell well on the Auction House. By combining quest with grind, you will level faster and make WoW gold with greater ease. There are many ways to make easy WoW gold than just grinding.

As an example, I created a Gnome alt based on the Warlock class – no particular reason except that I haven’t tried that combination before. I leveled him to 5 in about 30 minutes and trained him in the Mining and Engineering professions – a gathering and crafting profession that compliment each other well. Level 5 is the lowest that players can be trained for a profession. I then ran a route around Dun Morogh and built up a stack of copper which I then auctioned for several gold coins on my server.

Now, the gathering of a stack of copper took me about just 15 minutes, which is equivalent to about 6-8 gold/hour. For a low level character, this basic strategy is a more efficient – and predictable – way of generating gold than trying to grind endless mobs.

To continue with this example, my Gnome alt used his newly acquired gold wisely, bought and sold a number of selected items from the Auction House and soon built up his stash to 25 gold coins and a few silver in loose change! If you have not mastered the Auction House, I would recommend subscribe to my free e-guide listed below where tips on Auction House are given.

With a few more hours of game play under his belt, my Gnome alt is now level 10 and has a stash of a little over 50 gold coins. But here’s one thing: I have managed to level up his Engineering to 165! This was funded from buying most of the materials from Auction House by careful and artful trading.

So, you don’t have to be a high level player to make gold in WoW. With a good combination of profession and understanding of the Auction House, you can make easy WoW gold at any level.

PS. I’m now creating a whole tutorial on my Gnome’s gold making exploits – complete with video guide – free to my subscribers.

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