How can we make fast gold in World Of Warcraft?
Well there are quite few ways to make gold fast in this game. I have seen several World of Warcraft players make quick gold. I wondered how they do it. However everyone has different ways and strategies to make gold, but they attend to gravitate to certain ways. I am going to give you tips which will help you to make gold fast.
The most used strategy for fast gold in World of Warcraft is to complete quests, slay monsters and along the way level up character and earn some fast gold. You will probably be getting only copper or silver, but it will add up fast. Quests gives you some fast gold too.
Another tips for quick gold is grinding for gold. This way is by far the easiest, but very boring. If you want to use this methods, be sure that you have plenty of room in your bags and pick up everything your opponent drops. All that dropped stuff can be resold either at the auction house or merchants. I do not like to use this technique, as I said it is to boring for me.
Another tip from me: pick up harvesting skill while leveling up. I personally use mining and skinning. You need to find areas where you can find animals to be skinned and mining nodes. Like this you will make a ton of gold. Some areas where I like to play is Hillsbrad. Good range of levels can play there.
Do not buy expensive gear at first. Be sure to pay good weapon to level up faster, but do not worry about the rest. This is because you level out your gear quickly, so buying gear and level it out in a week is a waste
Heres another tip: Sell your ores and skins at auction house. Probably you do that, but I saw a lot of people vendoring it. And never turn ores into bars, because ores sells better.
As I said gears in World of Warcraft can get expensive, more expensive then just training. So do not invest money in gear then you are from 1 – 40 levels. Save extra gold gold you have for higher level gears.
Some types of mobs ten to have better drops than other. From my experience humanoids ten to drop a lot more gold and items then any other creatures in the game, I do not know why, but I noticed while playing. Train on humanoids and you will get more valuable items and more gold.
This tips I gave to you should be helpful. As I am experienced player in World of Warcraft I make over 200 – 300 gold per hour using cool methods. And that is not much for me. If I want to I could make a lot more. You can do it too, you just need to know how. All I can say: do not buy gold, ever! You can make tons of gold by yourself.

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