World Of Warcraft Pvp

If you have to leave your keyboard then be sure and hide your player in a good place where you can’t be found.

Run away if you don’t think that you can win. This is good practice to follow and the motto “live to fight another day”was something that I personally adhered to. Of course that was before I gave up Wow PvP entirely and went only for PvE game playing.

If you are going to run, try not to make it too obvious where you’re going to and where you will run to next. Act crazy, take unexpected turns and twists, and even double back on yourself if you can.

The only thing that you don’t want to do is to run straight into a tree or a boulder! By all means hide behind one to catch your breath, but don’t let your enemy catch you behind one either. This spells disaster all around.

Also remember that even when you’re hiding your name can be seen in red by your enemies, so find a good spot to hide is possible.

You also have the option of using such things as potions to aid in your escape. Or if you’re a druid or priest, using such things as morphing into aquatic form, or levitating over water is a good idea.

However you look at it, going into water is a good idea, especially if your enemy is mounted and can catch you faster because of this. If they try and follow you into the water they will be automatically dismounted.

You also have the choice when running away of going towards others of your faction and yelling (use the command /yell, or /y) for help. If there are others in the nearby vicinity they will normally come out to help you.

One of the best escape tricks that you can use is if you have your own mount. You can get away faster than you would on foot. Of course this doesn’t work too well if your enemy also has a mount and they are higher leveled than you!

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