Demos, by their nature, are limited in terms of time, and sometimes functionality, and the World of Warcraft demo is no different.

If you play smart though, you can maximize your World of Warcraft demo time, learn the game, and If you do decide to buy, to enter the playing field as an experienced, rather than a novice player. Here are our top five ideas to get the most out of your WoW demo time:

Explore as Much as Possible

Use your demo time to explore as much of the available map as possible. That way, if you do eventually buy the game, and enter as an experienced player, you’ll know where everything is already, saving valuable time!

Try All The Classes

Your demo will only allow you to play until level 10, which does limit the capabilities of the different classes, but by the time you buy, you’ll have some idea of their abilities, and which your favorites are, and will be able to choose the right one for you easily!

Play Horde and Alliance

Eventually, you’ll have to pick your favorite, but If you play both horde and alliance in your World of Warcraft demo, you’ll already know which one is your favorite when you buy, and how to best play each.

Try Different Servers

Because of international timezone differences, you’ll find that some servers will be more active at different times, so try them out, and find one that co-incides with your demo time, to get the maximum benefit.

Then again, some servers and areas have either a stronger horde or alliance representation, so you can choose the one that allows you to win easier, and boost your honor points.

Enjoy the Ride

Remember, your World of Warcraft demo is limited to levels 1 to 10, so if you level up to often, your game play, in terms of time, on the demo version, will be limited. Rather wait with the levels, and take the time to explore, learn and have some fun!

The World of Warcraft demo is a great way to learn about the game, figure out your preferences, and prepare yourself for when (or if) you do buy the full game. By using these tips, you’ll make the most of your demo time, and probably have a great time doing it. Plus, you’ll be a seasoned player when you do acquire full access, so you’ll be able to dominate!

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